Increase productivity and create a safer environment with TRBOnet.

TRBOnet Alarm Management allows you to program the system to monitor and detect events and the subscriber activity independently without the dispatcher being involved and respond automatically if needed. The system finds the best way to respond based on a pre-defined set of rules.

Personnel safety is guaranteed with Man Down/No movement, Lone Worker and other extended features available for option boards. Radio starts controlling itself and its owner, in case of abnormal activity an alarm is triggered and a notification is sent to the dispatcher center.

TRBOnet Enterprise

TRBOnet Enterprise delivers an integrated fully-featured control over single and multi-site or multi-channel systems. Enterprise supports all types of voice communication and data operations for IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus and Capacity Max systems by direct wireline or wireless interface with the MOTOTRBO network.


TRBOnet Plus is a purely IP-based dispatch application with capabilities far beyond just mere dispatch functions and features. This powerful solution enables a user to fully control and manage all available resources. 

TRBOnet Voice Recorder

TRBOnet Voice Recorder, a long-awaited application for MOTOTRBO Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus systems. 

TRBOnet Watch

The client-server nature of the solution makes it possible for you to monitor your radio system remotely, eliminating on-site visits and significantly reducing troubleshooting costs. If there are any failures, a faulty repeater or poor network connection, you will be immediately notified by TRBOnet Watch.

Option Board Software

TRBOnet provides powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for the Motorola Generic Option Board that enhances the capabilities of any digital radio. It gives radio users the power to control their environment as well as protects personnel & resources by implementing modern solutions to increase safety.

Bluetooth Messenger

Pair your android device to your mobile or portable MOTOTRBO radio equipment to enable text messaging to and from radio users in your network. 

Swift IP Gateway A001

Swift IP Gateway is a powerful control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO networks of any size or complexity. 

Swift IP Gateway A200

The new generation IP Gateway is equipped with a display showing all essential information about network connections. 

The gateway supports all MOTOTRBO radios and can provide interface to analog or digital radios.

Microphone Adapter M002

This is a USB mic adapter with an embedded sound card for RJ45 remote or desktop microphones. Such microphones are abundant. The adapter is compatible with many Motorola mics, such as models HMN1038 or HMN3596A.

Radio Modem DT500

The VoIP modem has been designed to allow a wide range of devices, such as SCADA, AMR, CAN BUS, telemetry applications, to feed specific information into a TRBOnet Dispatch system.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is one of the most popular features, along with Voice Dispatch and Recording. If your MOTOTRBO radio is equipped with the GPS module, it can send its location information across the radio network, which allows the dispatcher to see and track the users' location on the map in TRBOnet Dispatch Console.

Alarm Management

Alarm Management is a purchasable module for TRBOnet Enterprise. This is a comprehensive toolset for abnormal situation awareness and automated response actions. Alarm Management helps you automate your daily tasks and deliver alerts from nearly any source to your MOTOTRBO radio, dispatchers, TRBOnet Mobile Client, email accounts or GSM phones.

Web Interface

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TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus are Windows-based applications. But what if you have a MacBook, or you just want to monitor your system using an Android tablet - is there any way to do it? Yes, you can log in to TRBOnet Server using our Web Interface.

Guard Tour

Guard Tour, or Route Management, is an optional module enabling the dispatcher to create a route that one or more radio users have to follow at the correct intervals.


The dispatch centre is no longer just a communication bridge. With the TRBOnet telemetry features a dispatcher can remotely open and close gates, activate elevators and change the access rights at any time.

Voice Dispatch

Voice Dispatch allows the dispatcher to place and receive different types of radio calls, such as private (individual), group or emergency calls. The computer-aided dispatch system has an intuitive user interface, enabling the dispatcher to concentrate on tasks that matter.

Mobile Client

TRBOnet Mobile Client is a feature-rich push-to-talk application for Android and iOS that extends MOTOTRBO to smartphones and tablets. It works like a traditional console with the PTT capability and delivers essential information to the user's Android or iOS device. The solution provides full integration of smartphones with MOTOTRBO radios over 3G. 4G or Wi-Fi.

Telephone Interconnect

Phone Connect is a purchasable module for MOTOTRBO radio systems. This is an entirely IP-based solution that allows radio users to place and receive radio calls. It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for connection to VoIP telephony devices.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning is a powerful tool used for locating and tracking your radio units when GPS is not available, or when GPS information may not be accurate, for example, because of surroundings (tall buildings, trees and so on).

Store and Forward

Get out of the guessing game - know exactly where your fleet is. The radio unit collects location information every 2-5 seconds, providing a much more detailed history on the routes taken. To decrease radio channel usage and load, the information is grouped into data packages and is sent to the dispatch console in specific intervals.

Job Ticketing

Job Ticketing is an extremely simple, yet efficient task management tool that allows dispatchers to create, assign and track tasks (job tickets) across the radio network. Jobs can be accepted, declined and finished by radio units by a radio button click or by a predefined text message. You can build reports to see how many tasks have been assigned their statuses within a time interval.