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TRBOnet Enterprise

First released as TRBOnet Pro in August 2008, TRBOnet Enterprise is an IP based, PC dispatch solution. It was one of the first applications to market that took advantage of the IP connectivity built into the new DMR radio technology, specifically Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™. Starting as a basic PC radio dispatch console, TRBOnet Enterprise has grown to include a huge range of features.


TRBOnet Plus has predominantly the same feature set as Enterprise. However, there are a few subtle differences. There is full IP connectivity to the MOTOTRBO™ platform, whereas Enterprise has some restrictions. It is fully compatible with all versions of MOTOTRBO™ system, including Capacity Max.

TRBOnet Watch

TRBOnet Watch is an Engineering and System Administration tool. It is designed to complement the main TRBOnet Plus or TRBOnet Enterprise applications. Still, it can also be used as a stand-alone utility to monitor any Motorola Solutions digital radio network. Watch provides a dynamic overview of the complete system, including network connectivity - especially useful for Capacity Plus Multi-Site and Capacity Max systems. The real-time displays allow monitoring of Network Topology, Calls in progress and Diagnostics.

TRBOnet Mobile App

TRBOnet Mobile is a PTT over cellular (PoC) application, that allows a mobile phone or tablet to access the features of the TRBOnet Dispatch solution. Over recent years, the growing 3G and 4G cellular networks have provided better coverage and faster connection speeds to millions of customers throughout the UK. This, in turn, has led to a reduction in connection prices, opening the way for many developers to produce PoC applications aimed at both commercial and private customers. The advantages of a PoC application over a standard telephone call are down to the "instant" nature of the way the system allows calls to be made.


TRBOSOS is the latest addition to the TRBOnet suite. Its primary purpose is to provide a simple to use Emergency communication and location aid, for anyone that doesn't have access to a radio or other personal safety device. This could be vulnerable staff or lone workers from any organisation.

TRBOnet Agent

TRBOnet Agent is the software interface between TRBOnet Server and MOTOTRBO™ hardware. It can be either deployed locally at the server, where it is packaged with TRBOnet Server configuration tool or remotely. TRBOnet Agent can connect to either a physical interface (MOTOTRBO™ Repeater or Control Station) or a software interface. This flexibility opens-up many useful solutions for a variety of deployments. Both geographic and technical hurdles to deploying a digital radio network can be overcome by the intelligent use of a TRBOnet Agent in the system design. Not only can TRBOnet Agent be deployed for system and site linking, but it can also be used, where the backend network performance, falls outside the normal permissible range for a system.

Why Choose DTS as the provider for your TRBOnet System?

We know the product inside out. DTS. Solutions (U.K) Ltd was the first company outside Russia to take delivery of a TRBOnet system in July 2008 – a month before the product went on general sale. We sold our first TRBOnet system two months later. DTS and TRBOnet authors, Neocom Software, have worked together for over 12 years, providing TRBOnet systems to many customers throughout the UK. Through the close working relationship between our engineering teams, DTS has actively assisted in the development of TRBOnet into the product that it is today.

Radio Allocation, Alarm Management and the new TRBOSOS App are just three examples of how DTS have brought real-world requirements and suggestions to Neocom’s development team, assisting with the design and test process, through to product release.